Appointments at Sundridge Medical Practice

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Dear all,

  1. SMP is open Monday to Friday every week for a variety of consultations ( telephone, F2F, eConsult triage, etc), from 8am to 7pm.
  2. Our priority is to provide the very best service to our patients, and ensure we can keep patients and our practice staff safe at all times. This involves managing the care of patients appropriately to ensure those with Covid symptoms are not coming into contact with those who do not have Covid symptoms on our premises.
  3. We would encourage patients with Covid symptoms to request a telephone consultation only, to minimise spreading the virus/infection within the surgery, to other patients and staff.
  4. To protect yourself, and those around you, we strongly recommend that adults and eligible children receive the Covid vaccination. Should you wish to discuss this further, we will be happy to do so, please get in touch.

Practice Manager